Welcome to the CC0 Textures Material Creation Guide

Hi, I'm Lennart and over the past 2.5 years I have published more than 1000 materials for PBR rendering on CC0Textures.com. These materials were created using a number of different techniques which I want to document in this guide. Parts of this were originally published as “The CC0 Textures Photogrammetry Guide” on Patreon.

About this Guide

This guide is split into different articles which are organized into categories.

  • The articles in the Preliminaries section cover some fundamental aspects like a list of all software products used anywhere in the guide.
  • The Workflows section contains articles giving an overview over the individual workflows that I use for creating materials.I try to keep these articles as vendor-neutral as possible so that you can use whatever software you already have or what is available on your operating system. However, this is not always possible as some workflows rely on special functionality of one specific tool.
  • The Tips and Additional Ressources section contains shorter articles with additional details.

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